News : 2012

"Gregory Hardy: An Exploration of Landscape Drawing at the Art Gallery of Calgary"
Art Gallery of Calgary

At the Art Gallery of Calgary...

Gregory Hardy:

An Exploration of Landscape Drawing


September 7, 2012 - December 23, 2012


"Featured in the main gallery are the large and powerfully expressive drawings by nationally respected Canadian landscape artist Gregory Hardy. Through his drawings Hardy’s selectivity, observation and composition articulate an exciting personal vocabulary. For him, the function of drawing provides an immersion into the subject and immediacy to the surroundings on a conscious and intuitive level. A view is contemplated and rendered capturing intangibles, nuances, minimal or detailed gestures and movements. Absorbed in the moment, information is gathered and embedded in memory for future exploration and study in the studio environment."


The exhibition also features a lovely catalogue, which can be accessed online. Click here to view it.