News : 2017

"Peter von Tiesenhausen: Group exhibition 'Maps and Dreams' at SFU's Audain Gallery"

June 1 - July 29, 2017
Audain Gallery


Jack Askoty, Brittney and Richelle Bear Hat, Jennifer Bowes, Brenda Draney, Emilie Mattson, Karl Mattson, Garry Oker, Peter von Tiesenhausen



"Maps and Dreams is a group exhibition of work by contemporary artists that explores conceptions and implications of land use through cultural and industrial lenses. The exhibition specifically considers the territory of the Dane-zaa people of northeastern British Columbia, now in Treaty 8. Borrowing the title from Hugh Brody's book Maps and Dreams, a 1981 anthropological study of the Dane-zaa, the exhibition includes work by artists who consider how this land and its intersection with human use is articulated, represented and contested."


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image: Peter von Tiesenhausen, 'Copyright', image credit to Ann Chen