News : 2017

"Alice Teichert's new exhibition 'Between the Lines' opens at the St. Annen Museum in Lübeck Germany"

The art of Alice Teichert in dialogue with the Middle Ages, an exhibition of the St. Annen Museum in the Museum Quarter

Dates: June 18th to October 15th, 2017


Congratulations to Alice Teichert’s, whose new exhibition ‘Between the Lines’ opens June 18 at the St. Annen Museum in Lübeck Germany. The works in the exhibition are in dialogue with medieval illuminated manuscripts from the City Library of Lübeck in the Museum Quarter. Luminous and complex, Teichert’s images evoke a visual poetry that shares nuanced relationships with music. Approximately 70 of Teichert's works, spanning from 1983 to 2016, will be shown alongside 13th to 16th century pieces from the museum’s collection, at once drawing inspiration and creating connections with the historical works.


Click here to view the St. Annen Museum website page of the exhibition. 


Image: 'Moment by Moment', 2016