News : 2016

"Frances Thomas is in Berlin "

Frances Thomas – The Berlin Studio
October – December 2016



Frances Thomas is in Berlin for a 3 month self-directed residency.  These are her thoughts:

Berlin is an amazing city of contrasts and cultural diversity. With its repurposed buildings and the proliferation of inexpensive studio space, Berlin is a haven for artists from around the world including many from Canada. My time is spent exploring the city and its history, visiting galleries and museums, conducting research and spending a lot of hours in the studio painting. As much as possible I try to suspend ideas and concepts relying instead on instinct and improvisation to allow truth to have a chance to penetrate and reveal itself in the work. I am looking for emotional weight in the paintings, not novelty. Its abstraction, but not only abstraction. I am attempting to make abstraction an intensely felt thing, to make something timeless.


 Frances Thomas , November 27, 2016