News : 2016

"Paul Bernhardt ' A Question of Faith' at Gallery@501 "

"A Question of Faith" by Paul Bernhardt

July 8 to August 28, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, July 8 at 7 p.m.

Artist will be in attendance.

Over the past two years, Paul Bernhardt has been creating paintings that are sourced from found images, either through his own personal experience or images from the web; images that explore technology’s role as mediator. Bernhardt’s work investigates the relationship between churches and cell phone tower; religion and technology. Bernhardt’s paintings focus on machines, both historic and contemporary in relation to communication.

Images of churches with cell phone towers are layered with camouflage patterns, scratched in tree’s and muted references of sky & spaces. Machines/equipment as a communications tool historically and contemporary are manipulated painted surfaces creating a question of re-engaging with the uses of these machines/equipment. Where they an enabler for today’s society or not and from who’s perspective, and what are the ethical implications.