News : 2016

"ArtPic: Alice Teichert's Harmonics at Peter Robertson Gallery"
Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Journal

Edmonton Journal ArtPic artist: Alice Teichert 


Artwork: Harmonics, 2015, acrylic and crayon on canvas


Show: ‘The point is …’ at Peter Robertson Gallery (12323 104 Ave.) through May 3


Description: Born in Paris, raised in Brussels, schooled all over the old countries, Alice Teichert is a true European, fluent in four languages.


This is not at all to boast numbers. But when she settled in Canada, her no-longer everyday languages, including musical notation, had left almost physical imprints in her head. These echoes, demanding a place to resonate, have been key in her 33-year career as an artist.


Teichert, who lives in Port Hope, Ont., calls her paintings visual poetry. The luminous layered works she dubs “glyphgraphs” shift colours as the light changes throughout the day, in a way changing what they say. Like subway art, form outranks mere words.


“My work is all about the medium of thought — every scribble to me has a meaning, whether it’s subconscious or whatever. A good scribble goes a long, long way. It’s like a dance. I like that you associate it with graffiti art, because you have to go really fast before you get caught. My work is very spontaneous as well. I have to go fast so as not to get caught by the paint that’s drying.


“It’s about reading everything in a different way, rather than put everything in boxes and compartmentalize. It’s all about a looking glass. We can change lenses.”


Teichert says her paintings come out of music. “My first reading lessons were a dot on five lines. I take note, pardon the pun.” The title Harmonics doesn’t necessarily describe the work — her titles seldom do. “Within the cacophony of colour there’s a sense of organization, but there’s an accord. We’re tuned in.


“When I apply the colour, these are happy accidents. I never know — I’m walking a tightrope.”