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Gavin Lynch Artist explores old-growth forests.
Author: Portia Priegert, editor of Galleries West Magazine
Published: 03/12/2020

Welcoming Lynn Malin
Published: 02/13/2020

Welcoming David Thauberger RCA
Published: 01/20/2020

Welcoming Matt Bahen
Published: 12/05/2019

Edmonton Artist Clay Ellis Showcases a Range of Techniques in ‘Amuse-Bouches & Mintz’
Author: Chelsea Novak - Arts and Film Editor VUE Weekly
Published: 11/28/2018

Laying It Bare: The Paintings of Frances Thomas
Author: Pete Smith
Published: 09/15/2018

Monica Tap in Galleries West Online
Author: Paul Gessell
Published: 06/25/2018

Julian Forrest's Hallucinatory Paradise: Vue Weekly Article
Author: Stephan Boissoneault
Published: 03/22/2018

Tim Okamura: 'Modern Messaging Questioned' in Sherwood Park News
Author: Sarah Comber
Published: 05/27/2017

'Tim Okamura Lives His New York Dream' in Galleries West Digital
Author: Portia Priegert
Published: 05/25/2017

Frances Thomas is in Berlin
Published: 11/27/2016

CBC Arts features Steve Driscoll's And a Dark Wind Blows
Author: Leah Collins CBC Arts
Published: 10/18/2016

The Ripple Effect: Water feature a highlight of new installation by Steve Driscoll
Author: Liane Faulder, Edmonton Journal
Published: 10/13/2016

Welcome Tim Okamura
Published: 09/22/2016

Congratulations Julian Forrest
Published: 07/24/2016

Kirsty Templeton Davidge's piece awarded Best in Show
Author: Manifest Gallery
Published: 05/31/2016

ArtPic: Alice Teichert's Harmonics at Peter Robertson Gallery
Author: Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Journal
Published: 04/21/2016

Peter von Tiesenhausen video feature, in honour of his 2015 Lieutenant Governor's Distinguished Artist Award
Author: Alberta Primetime & The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artist Awards
Published: 11/19/2015

Peter von Tiesenhausen's artwork feeds itself
Author: Fish Griwkowsky
Published: 11/10/2015

Alice Teichert in the News
Author: Peter Robertson Gallery
Published: 09/16/2015

Art to Collect: Julian Forrest
Author: Portia Priegert
Published: 09/01/2015

Provincial Recognition for von Tiesenhausen
Author: Diana Rinne
Published: 05/13/2015

Colin Smith at the Whyte Museum
Published: 04/04/2015

ArtPic: Powerful exhibit from longtime Edmonton artist Phil Darrah
Author: Fish Griwkowsky for the Edmonton Journal
Published: 11/21/2014

Visual Arts Preview: Clay Ellis
Author: Fish Griwkowsky for the Edmonton Journal
Published: 09/12/2014

The Sweet Suite - Scott Cumberland
Published: 06/19/2014

Congratulations Robin Smith-Peck
Published: 04/22/2014

Fresh Paint Exhibition video- ShawTV Edmonton
Author: Tim Dancy - reporter
Published: 03/09/2014

Edmonton Journal Blog- the wash of time
Author: Fish Griwkowsky for the Edmonton Journal
Published: 09/18/2013

Mitchel Smith @ Common Sense Gallery
Published: 06/07/2013

David Janzen on CTV's Alberta Primetime
Author: CTV Alberta Primetime
Published: 03/26/2013