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Saturday, September 21, 2013 - Tuesday, October 08, 2013




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Shields are beautiful, dangerous, decorative, industrious and specific to an era. They display power

and control.  They invite risk and daring. In a painting, they impose a historicity, and in these works,

an elasticity of time and place. The shields in these paintings, whether placed on, or hidden behind

the figure, or drawn on a t-shirt, are derived from art historical references - mostly Klimt’s paintings

and El Anatsui’s bottle cap murals.  At the same time, the echoed figures, sometimes just a

shadow, work through repetition to circumvent the mind’s inability to hold a memory or a picture still

long enough to remember it exactly the same way twice.  Moreover, there is a concept in

neuroscience, called reconsolidation, which was examined in the Nader experiments at NYU in

2000, that looked at the idea that there is no true immutable, perfectly intact memory of a thing. The

repetitive echoes, therefore, are a different kind of shield and protection of the visual in a memory. 


Carolyn Campbellcompleted her MFA in painting in 2004, an Honours Arts History Degree in 1994

and a BFA in 1987, from the University of Alberta. Carolyn has had numerous group and solo

exhibitions and has shown her work throughout Canada in Edmonton, Calgary, Kingston and

Toronto. Her work was purchased twice for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (2006, 2011).   In

2009 she was a finalist for the Kingston Prize National Portrait Competition. Carolyn has won

several academic awards in painting and has been frequently reviewed.  She is an Associate Dean

at the University of Alberta and she currently teaches a strategy course in arts administration in the

MBA program.  She was a sessional instructor in painting and design at the University of Alberta,

and has been a guest speaker and visiting artist at the Banff Centre, and the University of British

Columbia, Okanagan. Her work is represented by the Peter Robertson Gallery in Edmonton, and the

Willock and Sax Gallery in Banff, Alberta, and has been shown at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

 Carolyn recently served on the Mayor’s Task Force for the Future of Arts and Culture in Edmonton and has

just been appointed to the Premier’s Council on Culture.


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