Exhibitions : 2017

Andrew Rucklidge
Thursday, June 15, 2017 - Saturday, July 08, 2017






The Bureau of Reclamation 

Opening Reception:

Thursday,  June 15th 

 7 -9 pm

 Artist in attendance 




While creating these paintings I imagined a radical group of people, communicating only by invisible means through the atmosphere, that collaborated independently of governments to rehabilitate the common lands and public spaces of their respective countries.

They called themselves informally ‘The Bureau of Reclamation’.


For this show Rucklidge has painted contested landscapes as they transition into a hopeful state of reclamation led by non-governmental groups of highly motivated people who communicate through invisible means via the atmosphere.  As seeds and projects take root, this informal ‘Bureau of Reclamation’ slowly reclaims the treeless landscape and attempts to optimize its redevelopment as reclaimed public space.  Utopian and Pre-Lapsarian states start to mingle amongst an overtaxed land recovering from heavy use.  Colours purposely shift in and out of their descriptive function: for example the cobalt blue sitting on the surface of the weave of linen may be describing atmosphere or form or simply that this was the site of a cobalt mine.  The paintings presented here record the hopeful nascent beginnings of this revolutionary reclamation project.