Exhibitions : 2015

Monica Tap
Thursday, October 22, 2015 - Tuesday, November 10, 2015




Through and Through


Opening Reception:

Thursday, October 29

7 - 9 pm

 Artist in attendance 

 Live jazz by JƏRROLD DUBYK Duo



For her second exhibition at Peter Robertson Galley, Monica Tap explores the connections between time, history and landscape. Her Springtime/Armida paintings investigate the heavily-artifacted video image while alluding to the colour palette of the 17th century Venetian artist Tiepolo. Her predominantly black and white Paseo paintings record a brief moment from her 800 kilometre trek along the Camino Frances in Spain. Stark tonal contrasts capture sharp Spanish light in an effect that brings to mind engravings from the old masters, while deep tangles of undergrowth intimate at some of the darker history of these woods.


Tap considers landscape as a space to move through, a passage. Whether by automobile or on foot her paintings stray from the scenic view to address temporal, spatial and metaphorical concerns. She adopts the stance of a traveller, an ironic pilgrim, who is moving through two interpenetrating places: the landscape surrounding her, and the landscape of art history.