Exhibitions : 2015

Gregory Hardy RCA
Thursday, October 01, 2015 - Monday, October 19, 2015




Dashes of Red


Opening Reception

Friday, October 2 

7- 9 pm

Artist in attendance 

Live jazz by JƏRROLD DUBYK Duo


"I continue to explore the relationship between my observations of the natural world and the sheer joy of putting paint on a surface. However, in my recent work I have primarily focused on trying to achieve a luminous quality in the paintings by experimenting with the intensity of my palette using a mixture of natural and exaggerated colour. Dashes of cadmium red or orange pigment have been like a voice calling to me when the paintings are in progress and seem to demand a place on the surface of the work, usually on shorelines, trees or clouds. I am intrigued by how various amounts of the intense colour alters the feel of the pictures in a way that expresses my emotional connection to nature, and in turn, hopefully connects with the viewer. "  2015