Exhibitions : 2015

Kirsty Templeton Davidge
Saturday, August 01, 2015 - Tuesday, August 18, 2015




Anamnesis: Recollection & Perception

August 1- 18, 2015


Opening Reception

Thursday, August 6 

7 - 9 pm

Artist in attendance 


"I have produced a group of paintings that reflect on memory and its after-image. Some are inspired­­­ by childhood memories of travelling back and forth along Toronto area highways during the 1970’s. Always moving forward, but never arriving at a comfortable place.  Concurrently, I’m thinking about the passage of time; of my childhood, and my own children’s childhood, up to the present day. Continuously sliding along these timelines, seemingly back and forth, I represent the quieter aspects of life that are often forgotten.

 Working within classical modes of representation I investigate how personal history and memory are closely associated with a place, how time informs memory, and how visual representation can be used to communicate experience.

 The use of photography is central to this work. Over time photographs, like memory, are never wholly able to express the experience they represent.  Our memories seem frozen in time, as an image captured on film, yet the passage of time alters our recollections and perceptions.  The use of photographs to recall and clarify memories helps to pull us back to a time or place.  The place can be a physical landscape, a psychological landscape or a combination of the two.  The photos from my childhood are the jumping off point, digitally altered and emotionally imbued; they travel through time to the present day. Through the careful use of colour, exploiting a certain discord, I explore human narratives, memories and the emotional reactions we all may have encountered during the process of maturation.   In this way, I cast light on the everyday, the unexplored, and the often overlooked. "

 Kirsty Templeton Davidge, 2015