Bill Anderson : Statement

Bill Anderson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

After spending twenty five years exploring traditional large format photography and alternative printmaking techniques, including Gum Bichromate, Cyanotype, and Platinum, Bill has leveraged the considerable interpretive potential of digital acquisition to realize this portfolio of colour work.

The force behind creating images was born out of a desire to harmonize elements often avoided in the search for a perfect, or untroubled brand of beauty, and from Bill’s growing interest in abstract expressionism. To consider these themes, and with aesthetics being a primary concern, it was often necessary to re-establish special, tonal, and colour relationships, by treating each important element separately. Once reconstructed, the paradoxes of, for example, near and far, the manufactured and the organic, the transient and the immutable, combined to create a new context: now a no wake sign or a counterbalance may flit between their figurative roots and non objectivity; and a scoreboard’s scrawled message can better harmonize with nature’s.