Peter von Tiesenhausen : Statement



Peter von Tiesenhausen is a Canadian multi-media artist whose work has lead him through journeys both real and imagined.  Based in the Alberta Peace country, Demmitt specifically, he has exhibited across Canada, in Europe, and the United States, in public galleries and throughout the landscape.  His practice has grown from landscape painting to installation, sculpture, and performance, and from simple media to complex combinations of media and multifaceted collaborations.  He claims copyright on his land as an artwork. His work often deals with the ideas of time, life, voyage, death, spirit, nature and humanity.  There is a strong pursuit of sustainability often evident in the work and an attempt to understand time and substance from a variety of perspectives. Peter von Tiesenhausen was the 2015 Recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Distinguished Artist Award. This exhibition includes photography and new work.


Peter von Tiesenhausen’s exhibition ‘Songs for Pythagoras’ at the Art Gallery of Alberta is on display January 27 – May 6, 2018.