Robert Wiseman : Statement

Robert Wiseman recieved a B.F.A. with distinction from Concordia University in 1997. Living and working in Lachine ( Montreal), Quebec, his painting practice over the last 15 years has emphasized depictions of the figure, still-life, and landscape, inferred from direct observation using ink, watercolour, and oil paint.  Exhibiting regularly in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta, his work is featured in several private and public collections throughout North America. 


In his latest exhibition, Sault (old french word for running and falling water), Robert Wiseman presents Eastern Canadian landscapes with his distinguishable whimsy, modeled brushwork, and sensitive colour relationships.  The St. Lawrence River's rolling Lachine rapids, a reservior at the Bay of Fundy spilling into the Atlantic Ocean, and even an intimate garden stream are featured in the collecion.  Fascinated by moving water and the powerful sound it generates flowing across rock formations, Robert Wiseman's paintings imply the duality of 'loud' atmospheres, simultaneously serene.