ELEDU : Statement

Eduard Lallana (Eledu) was born in Barcelona on November 1976. From early childhood, Lallana showed an aptitude for anything related to arts, especially graphic art and music. His working class family saw his potential and taught him the value of education and hard work to build his future.  He pursued his artistic passion, attending college and receiving a bachelor of Fine Arts at Universitat de Barcelona in 1998, specializing in public sculpture. He continued to paint and draw in his own time.

Lallana became the artist “Eledu”. His introduction to spray paint came in the early 90’s. With school friends, he began tagging the streets, but soon after, he started experimenting with several other painting techniques and surfaces. He made the penthouse of the building they lived in his first improvised art studio. He took his skills back to the streets, applying a more refined style to the Marina railways in Barcelona. He has never looked back, taking part in mural festivals worldwide, or just painting for fun with those same friends.

Starting in 1999, Eledu and a few friends began working as tattoo artists. None of them imagined tattooing could be an actual job, but they have been tattooing for over 20 years.

Eledu is a truly multidisciplinary artist: tattooing, painting, drawing, commissioned illustration, murals, gig posters or meeting any new challenge to his creativity.

“Always happy to be invited to paint, always with a smile on my face. 
Color is joy, and joy fills our hearts. 
This joy for life what he strives to transmit through his colourful universe of characters.”