KRAM : Statement

Kram started as a teen as a "graffiti" writer in 1996-97, he entered in the graffiti world first through tags and bombs, and then quickly focused in creating murals. Since then, with training in graffiti and street art, plus the study of fine art and illustration, Kram has not stopped painting, whether it is giant murals, custom works, or performances. Born and based in Barcelona, Kram continues to takes part in many live-painting events, exhibitions and street art festivals around the globe.


??Kram's style mix the lowbrow aesthetic with pop surrealism influences from comic, graffiti and cartoon, creating a "fantasy universe of characters based on anthropomorphic animals" to reflect on the same the human conditions from a "light and relaxed" point of view. 

In his work are always present the "urban tribalism", the dissection of the elements and the sample of the interior.