Kirsty Templeton Davidge : Statement


'I began this new series of paintings just before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The themes of loneliness and isolation have subsequently become especially relevant. Of the pandemic’s potentially long-term sensory effects upon our culture, those which are of greatest interest to me include femininity, isolation, the burden of responsibilities, calmness and anxiety, all framed within a vague reference of a barren domestic setting. Guided by an acute attention to technical nuance, I discern a persistent element of ‘craft’ within my work; finely crafted lines and patterns which illustrate the intensive nature of the ‘work women do’. The labour invested in my paintings is the cathartic process of bearing down, when all other aspects of life become overwhelming. This synthesis of beauty and travail is evident in the particularly small and intricate patterns within my work. They are the product of difficulties overcome, by leaning into them as an expression of personal victory. Generations past have endured far worse than Covid and the artists were there to digest and visualize those difficult times. This is our difficult time and these paintings will be my visualizations.'  KTD 2020