Joseph Hartman : Exhibitions

The Artist's Studio

September 21 - October 14, 2017


 The Artist's Studio

 Since 2013 I have been working on a new series of photographs of artists’ studios. In each case I am documenting the artists' main work space. The photographs are an intimate view of the artists' personal creative space. This work area provides insight into the creative process and gives us a deeper understanding of their artwork. The artists are generally not present in the photos, as I prefer to let the studio reveal information about them. The studio spaces, the objects they contain, all tell a story about the artist who works there. 


The project will be a survey of contemporary Canadian artists and will include approximately 100 to 150 of Canada's painters and sculptors. I will be travelling the country over the next year to complete this project. A book of this work will be published in 2017 by Black Dog Publishing, UK, along with a touring exhibition organized by the Art Gallery of Hamilton which will open at the AGH in 2017. 



November 15 - December 04, 2012

“Return”, Joseph Hartman’s inaugural solo exhibition at Peter Robertson Gallery, features compelling large format photographs exploring the small communities of Collins (population 60) and Heron Bay (Population 480). Having lived with his parents in these Northern Ontario Aboriginal settlements at the ages of one and two, Hartman was unsure whether the images he envisioned were accurate depictions from early memory, or fabrications based on family lore. Returning to the villages in August and September of 2010, for the first time since he was an infant, Hartman spent three weeks getting reacquainted. “Thirty years later I revisited and photographed these places, intertwining my concocted memories with the reality of what was there.” The result is an intimate exploration of both time and place.

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