Monica Tap : Exhibitions


June 14 - July 07, 2018

In her work, Monica Tap uses landscape to consider questions of time and history, technology and memory. Her paintings are arrangements assembled from various fragments: outtakes from painting’s history, elements from her own snapshots, colour notes, memory. Each painting is both an invention and a response to place that she knows and has recorded. She is interested in how location or landscape can trigger memory; akin to how painting readily conjures its own past. This history reveals how aesthetics, among other factors, have operated to tame nature into landscape, and the artifice and assumptions underlying this error.

Through and Through

October 22 - November 10, 2015

Through and Through For her second exhibition at Peter Robertson Galley, Monica Tap explores the connections between time, history and landscape. Her Springtime/Armida paintings investigate the heavily-artifacted video image while alluding to the colour palette of the 17th century Venetian artist Tiepolo. Her predominantly black and white Paseo paintings record a brief moment from her 800 kilometre trek along the Camino Frances in Spain. Stark tonal contrasts capture sharp Spanish light in an effect that brings to mind engravings from the old masters, while deep tangles of undergrowth intimate at some of the darker history of these woods.

Road Trip

April 30 - May 17, 2011

Highlighting Monica Tap’s Going to the Sun paintings, based on six video stills of lush backlit forest, this exhibition takes landscape painting away from specific representation into the realm of painterly abstraction. Swipes of thick oil paint interwoven with passages of shifting colour create a sense of light that permeates the work. Road Trip marks the first time Monica Tap’s video-based works have been showcased in Edmonton.

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