Gordon Harper : Exhibitions

Tree Island

February 07 - March 05, 2019

Opening Reception Thursday, February 7th 7 - 9 pm 'Tree island is a place in the imagination, where two worlds meet. It is a place where we encounter the wilderness, on the fringes of the built world. It is a place where our conflicting inner selves meet: the person who is part of nature by birth, and the person who is forever separated from it.' GH, 2018

Backlit Memories

September 21 - October 08, 2013

In Backlit Memories, quiet streets lined with vacant houses prevail. Dramatic interiors and the inclusion of the figure reveal the shadowy inhabitants of Harper’s architectural landscapes for the first time. Paint and light fade away from the deep shadows of night into an indeterminate twilight or dawn.

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Temporary City

September 22 - October 11, 2011

With subject matter ranging from South Edmonton’s post-war stucco bungalows to transplanted Victorian architecture, Gordon Harper’s atmospheric oil paintings are reflections on contemporary urban landscape. Beautifully and meticulously rendered properties stand in the silence of dusk, serving as the backdrop for Harper’s dramatic exploration of light and shadow. These abandoned, often dilapidated homes are familiar, yet non-specific and evoke a sense of nostalgia. An empty rocking chair, boarded windows, and the shadows of graffiti long painted over invite the viewer to trace evidence of human experience in a Temporary City.

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