Gregory Hardy : Exhibitions

Of Sky and Water

November 16 - December 09, 2017

Like many artists I go back to and explore the subjects I have gotten to know and love over many years of observation. Painting from motifs that are very personal and full of visual stimulation for me, I try and do another painting that has a lasting quality and feels dusted with an honest energy full of colour and light. Every painting begins with the desire to make an object that has a balance of formal elements and emotional content. GH 2017

Dashes of Red

October 01 - October 19, 2015

I continue to explore the relationship between my observations of the natural world and the sheer joy of putting paint on a surface. However, in my recent work I have primarily focused on trying to achieve a luminous quality in the paintings by experimenting with the intensity of my palette using a mixture of natural and exaggerated colour. Dashes of cadmium red or orange pigment have been like a voice calling to me when the paintings are in progress and seem to demand a place on the surface of the work, usually on shorelines, trees or clouds. I am intrigued by how various amounts of the intense colour alters the feel of the pictures in a way that expresses my emotional connection to nature, and in turn, hopefully connects with the viewer.

The Light Within

April 05 - April 22, 2014

"In this recent body of work I return over and over to the motifs of the prairie and the northern shield where I spend countless hours drawing and absorbing what I see. The drawings, primarily in sketchbooks, become the visual skeleton and emotional reference for the paintings. Observing clouds and water and the play of changing light has always been a powerful source of inspiration for me. These paintings are about the joy and the challenge of trying to capture a feeling or sense of light in a painterly expressive way. " GH 2014

Colour and Air

April 09 - April 26, 2011

Gregory Hardy juxtaposes bold swipes of unexpected colour and luscious smears of thick acrylic with layers of transparent washes and shimmering metallic pigments. Whether portraying the contemplative stillness of a northern lake’s shoreline or the dramatic moment a distant storm rolls across the Saskatchewan prairies, Gregory Hardy’s intrepid approach to landscape painting resonates with the viewer.

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