David Cantine : Exhibitions

Another Still - Life

June 15 - July 08, 2017


David Cantine’s highly recognizable compositions of coloured circles below Plexiglas have been the painter’s primary pursuit for 43 years of his impressive painting career spanning almost six decades. What originally began as a still-life of apples and their shadows evolved into the present abstract imagery of four circles and seven colours. Motivated by the use of “structural colour instead of descriptive colour,” David Cantine continues to explore variations on this minimalist theme. Since the early 2000s, he has also explored a more painterly form of colourful abstracted still-life, with echoes of inspiration from Giorgio Morandi. 



Another Still-Life

November 04 - November 23, 2011

For the past 37 years, David Cantine’s exploration of colour has centred on an elegant ‘still-life’ of four circles and two shadowed areas. In addition to this recognizable composition, Cantine’s latest exhibition features ‘another still-life’, showcasing fluid forms, collaged elements and even portraiture.

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