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David T. Alexander: Land's Meaning

November 07 - December 01, 2019





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Events in Nameless Lands

October 19 - November 11, 2017




landmind: an equilibrium of events and process

October 25 - November 12, 2014

Highly respected landscape artist David Alexander's latest exhibition Landmind: An Equilibrium of Events and Process explores David's continuous love of the Canadian landscape. His paintings draw in the observer and take them on a journey that few of us take the time to do. His love of drawing is shown in a series of drawings in this exhibition. Executed during his time in Taos, David eloquently portrays the desert and sky.

Perceptions in Scapes of my Land and Mind

October 27 - November 13, 2012

David Alexander’s bold interpretations of the North American landscape feature vibrant colour and dynamic brushwork. Presented to the viewer in medias res, these paintings portray neither the distant mountain vistas nor the outstretched forests often associated with conventional landscape painting. Alexander’s unique cropping of pictorial space instead propels the viewer into the heart of the wilderness, amid craggy mountain cliffs, above the rippled surface of a lake, or below a canopy of trees. Based on drawings, photos, and journal entries collected during backcountry expeditions, these works present a rougher and more direct reflection of human experience with the land.

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Land Anatomy: No Strategy

October 16, 2010

The widely collected art of David Alexander is known for its bold interpretations of the natural environment. Alexander routinely uses drawings, photos and journal entries, collected en plein air on his extensive worldwide expeditions, as source material for his paintings. The viewer is transported into the wilderness through the immediate forms and dynamic brush marks within his water, mountain and forest landscapes.

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