Phil Darrah : Statement



March 18 - April 5, 2016


I am a painter. I work primarily intuitively and my work is informed in varying degrees and at different times, by an interest in: recent art history, contemporary art practice, seasonal change, the landscape where I live, personal and family history and in the stuff and processes and strategies that constitute the business of painting.


I am interested in the act of painting itself. I am interested in pictures. I am interested in how to paint and in what to paint although I have little interest in depiction. I want to see the picture first and the process second. A close second.


This collection of paintings and works on paper is exhibited under the title "Shoreline". A fringe of land between the land and a large body of water. All the paintings except one are from 2015 and 2016, although the works on paper cover a much longer time period. A shoreline is where, if you' re lucky, things wash up that hold your attention and for which you may develop a fondness. A studio can also be, if you let it, where things wash up. I had the opportunity recently, to visit the west coast and to refresh myself along the shore. Quite a few of the larger earlier paintings sort of anticipate this and the smaller greyer pictures focus on instances of aspects that I drew from there. I have included a range of paperworks of which I do a great many. It is often the paper works that "point my way" or fill in the cracks of a tenuous path.


I would like to dedicate this exhibition to Doug Haynes who as a man and artist I held in the highest regard.


February 29, Phil Darrah.